Helping You Help Your Child
One of the strategic aims of the Deer River School District is to Expand Learning Time. One of the ways we believe we can do this is to make sure that parents have the tools to help their children at home in two ways. First, we want to help parents have the resources to help their children with their school work. Second, we want to provide resources for parents that want to help their children get extra practice or help.

We plan on using our district website as a way to give parents resources to support what happens in the classroom as well as communicate with parents. Once teachers have had training in establishing their websites, you will be able to find information specific to what is happening in your child's classroom by navigating to the website of your child's teacher. In addition to that, below are some additional resources you can access to support your child's education at home.
Early Childhood
There are many things you can do to help your child prepare for Kindergarten by helping them develop social and emotional skills as well as academic skills. Click on this section to see links to helpful websites, lists of activities you can try with your child, and resources for you to check out.
Links to information
Click here to see a number of links to good websites or files containing information about helping your child with school and helping your children understand the importance of school.
Math and Reading help
The Deer River School District uses the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test developed by the Northwest Evaluation Association to help us know how your child is achieving and improving in Math and Reading. The result of the MAP test is a RIT score that corresponds to a student's achievement level.
Students take the MAP test in the Fall and Spring and sometimes in the Winter. You can get your child's RIT score and use the practice exercises on the pages in this section to help your child based on how they've scored on the MAP test.