Learning Academy

Learning Academy is designed to support students who learn in different ways or at a different pace from others in small group learning environments. MN Licensed Teachers use alternative instructional methods, individualized for each student with hands on activities in a small group setting. We strive to increase critical reading skills, strategies and comprehension along with building basic skill areas such as math and science. The school district receives state funding based on the number of students served. The program is self-supporting and offered at no fee to students enrolled. Currently, Learning Academy hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 - 5:00.

After School Academics

After School Academics is open to 6th - 12th grade students in Deer River High, after school until 5:45, in the Media Center, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday and Room 216 on Wednesday. Athletes, pre-arrange with your coach to attend without penalization for missing practice. Transportation is available to some areas, call Danielle Snow with questions, 246-8241 ext 265 or click on the Transportation link in the Menu.

We offer a quiet setting for students who need a place to complete their homework and get some extra help. We also have access to technology to support our twenty-first century learners. Students can receive help with homework, study skills, time management and organizational skills among other academic skills. Students should come prepared to work and learn, most classroom rules apply, however snacks and music (with headphones) are permitted as long as students are working.

After School Academics has a partnership with TRIO and Itasca Community College. TRIO has staff and the Engineering Dept. has student tutors who come each week and offer a hand to our students in a number of ways. They help with homework, ACT test prep, filling out scholarship, job, FAFSA and college applications.

Those students riding the activity bus are required to stay the entire time and those not riding the activity bus need to communicate with Danielle when they plan on leaving and with whom, at the time they sign in each day.

Thanks to the Indian Education Department at Deer River High School for sponsoring this program!

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